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Analysis. Consulting. Active management.
Happily ever aftering.

You're an international IT company looking to expand with reduced costs.
You don't know where to start? We're looking for partners.

We help you expand your business in Cluj-Napoca, guiding you along the process:

Searching for the office location
Putting up a team
Legally incorporating your company
Taking care of bureaucracy & accounting
Blending in with the environment on the long-term
Developing software


We have over 15 year of experience in IT&C on both German and Romanian markets.

Once you make the decision to expand in Romania, we put you in contact with a database of developers and testers available for starting in your new location as soon as you say "go".
As Software Engineers & Developers with a track record in companies such as Emerson, Siemens and other international companies (German, American, British), we had the opportunity to compare various types of business environments and their evolution.
We develop software for medical, management and automotive fields, which broadened our IT area of expertise.
We've worked with inspiring people, demanding people, easy-to-work-with people and also with people who put us through hell. ...Cheers to the last ones, for those frustrations challenged us to make a change.

Find some of the possible members of your team below:


So, why would you come to this market?

There are MORE reasons to come work with us!

2nd worldwide
internet connection speed
certified IT specialist
problem-solving minds

why Romania

We're ranked 2nd in the world at internet connection speed

This isn't only because we've mostly replaced the copper cables with optical fibre, but also because we know how to organize connections. "Are we going to move a bit?" a popular Romanian word would say. You can tell why.

95000 certified IT specialists — more technology workers than Western Countries can dream of

Our education system is oriented towards mathematics, heavy-science and foreign languages, which makes us pretty fast-minded in the European race for technology development.
Quick fact: Those of you to use Windows 7 owe your anti-virus protection to Romanian software engineers.

Maybe because we lacked textbooks we don't really play by them

After the Communist times we woke up in a world where we were so far behind. We had nothing and we had to keep up, so we just tried and tried until it came out right. What was the word? Uhm... Creativity. We always had to prove our potential and that turned us into yes-men for challenges. You'll see: give a problem to a Romanian programmer and you'll light sparkles in his eyes.

Any company pays no more nor less than 16% - flat tax

A happy financial environment. Is there anything else to say?

We have five times cheaper operating costs than Western Countries

Electricity and utilities might seem a bargain compared to Germany. Our nuclear energy plant in Cernavoda, our hydroelectric plant on the Danube and geothermal, solar, wind, methane, and other small hydroelectric installations around the country makes us pretty self-reliable, with only small amounts of electricity being imported.

With few exceptions, programmers can keep it all to themselves

The 16 percent flat tax exemption in Romania applies in most of the situations for IT workers. Not only that wages are higher for this sector, but the free-of-tax status gives our technical brains some sort of special sense of pride. We're good and the government knows it.

If you know how to state your case, the Government will chip in

About 77 million euro from the state had been invested in technology companies in Romania during the last decade. We're talking Microsoft and IBM here. We're up for big investments because we know our potential.

Considerably cheaper wages than in Western Europe

As an IT guy finishing school in Romania a salary starting from 700 to 1000 euros awaits you. While this is still pretty attractive for a Romanian programmer, it represents a bargain for any Western company.

...Don't take our word for it

Reduce your expenses! Get your business to Romania!

Drop us an email!

why Cluj-Napoca

Over 33%
of the companies

technical, scientific activities

hundreds of computer scientists

download speed

Germany, UK, France, Italy, s.f

The capital of Transylvania and the sweetheart city of Romania

This place is fast-developing both economically, with over 10 international IT enterprises settled here and culturally,
by having been named European Youth Cultural Capital in 2015.
Its architecture makes it among the most beautiful cities in this country and...
the architecture of its women makes it a pretty pleasant place to live in.

So, are you coming to visit and absolutely love this place, or what?

Already imaging your business in Cluj-Napoca?

Email us!

Corporations in Cluj-Napoca

We've got quite an IT cluster in Cluj with over 20 multilingual companies' offices. This is because the English fluency rate is over 80%, while second languages as French and German are widely spoken.

Here are some of the enterprises who took advantage of the IT business opportunities in this city:

corporations HP National Instruments Stratec Biomedical Bosch Automotive MHP Endava Garmin Softing SoftVision Betfair Neusoft Emerson Evozon IQuest Gameloft Thomsons Nemetos MSG Systems Corporations in Cluj-Napoca

Get your name among the successfull multinational businesses in Cluj-Napoca!

talk to us about it

We are

two IT Specialists with a big idea:
to build a new type of management model, that would sustain a subsidiary from launch and throughout development, by offering an all inclusive package of services, where the burden of organizational affairs is taken away from the investor.

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